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Rejection file

Hello Sir,

This is the setup i have:
I have one master server, on which master slapd and slurpd are running.

I have 8 slave slapd which are geographically distributed, all have 'PSDN
lines', i mean no static IP address.
I have mentioned the names of these slave servers in /etc/hosts, i have
another script in slave server that will
take care of updating the IP address in master server.

Now the updation takes place only in master and slaves are used for
searching. Now i have already around 10,000
entries in the database, I have seen rejection files very frequently, but i
did't give much importance to that as it used
to have 2 or 3 entries. But copule of days back, it grew more than 91K and
slurpd automatically stopped. It was not opening
connection to salves even if i ran manually, I guess if rejection file is
more that some size, slurpd will not respond.

The master slapd and slave slapd schema are same, I even saw the error
messages, most of them are
"Already exists" or "No such object", Which means that entry already exists
or Such entry does not exists.

But how to see that such rejection files will not be created in future.

Please do help me.

Thanx in advance,
Vishwanath K

Antonuzi Roberto wrote:

> Hi,
> Check if the master and the slaves have the same configuration-schema.
> If you haven't specified the same attribute and the same objectclass is
> simple that the replication failed.
> Usually on the log of the slapd you can see why the entry itsn't updated.