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RE: SSL and openldap 2.0.14

> Are you using FQDN to connect to the server?

Not always. The server is accessed through a couple CNAMEs as well... This
seems to explain the behavior. 

I wish the local portion of the domain name would work when the local domain
is configured for a host. I.E. if my domain is localdomain.net and my ldap
server is ldap00 I'd have expected it to fully qualify the name to
ldap00.localdomain.net if I only specify ldap00 - but I can live with it if
it won't.

Oh well, a little network reconfiguration is due I guess.

> 2.0.13 and later include improved RFC 2830 certificate checks.
Can I turn these off? I'm currently less concerned about the certificate
checks than I am about having confidentiality. Eventually i'd