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[nssldap] getpw* problems (fwd)

	Sent this to padl mailing list but thought I'd try here as well.
Here's some additional info.

[root@bester openldap]# ssh twoods@bester
twoods@bester's password:
.  login text
.	"
.	"
29188@bester [101]% id
uid=29188 gid=31002 groups=31002
29188@bester [102]% whoami
whoami: cannot find username for UID 29188
29188@bester [103]% logname
29188@bester [104]% getent passwd twoods
29188@bester [105]% exit
Connection to bester closed.
[root@bester openldap]# getent passwd twoods
twoods:XXXXXXXX:29188:31002:Todd Woods:/space/twoods:/usr/bin/tcsh


At 11:51 10/09/01 -0500, Todd Woods wrote:
>         Using nss_ldap-172 and pam_ldap-125 on RedHat 7.1 client
>authenticating vs. Openldap server. Authentication seems to work, I can
>login, mounts home directory, etc.  But it only uses uid/gid, not
>username/group name. Seems I'm having a problem with most of the common
>getpw* commands, even something as simple as "whoami" says it can't find
>username for the UID.  Figure this is more of a nss_ldap problem then
>pam_ldap since login succeeds. /etc/nsswitch.conf is pretty basic, along
>lines of
>passwd:     files ldap
>group:      files ldap
>hosts:      files dns
>         Thanks,
>                 Todd