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advice on caching results?

[Sorry, thought I changed the message subject (I used "REPLY to
quickly get the address).  Didn't mean to mislead people.]

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From: Dan Shriver <dshriver@sharemedia.com>
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Sent: 9/10/01 4:44 PM
Subject: RE: Using OpenLDAP with multiple servers to

> Does anyone have good advice for what to use to cache results?
> Netscapes LDAP API has caching abilities but they were
> implemented in a VERY strange way.  Namely: if the cache fills
> up the first item to be thrown out is the OLDEST (total age-
> time from last access), not necessarily the one that was
> accessed the longest ago.  Also their cache is not terribly
> flexible (there isn't much you can do to configure it..., this
> bugs me chiefly in that they do not ALLOW referred entries to
> cached (which I would like to do- especially since they would
> give the biggest performance gain)).
> I'm looking for some add-on caching that would, hopefully,
> up data access by keeping frequenly accessed info in memory
> (searches would hit this before hitting LDAP).