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RE: modification of schema...

I posted something similar and the fellow that answered said I should not
that this is working -- here is the text of my message:  The gist of it is
to use slapcat and slapadd to rebuild the directory.  I am a newbie so I am
reentering what was told... 

Won't I get duplicate data in my tree if I don't clean it out first ??
 hope this helps someone 

=======================here is my question:

>We are upgrading our schema,  only additions to the schema, nothing is
>deleted, but many elements
>have the same name however the OIDs are changing.
>When I try to run OpenLDAP with the new schema file.. everything seems to
>work.  All of the data that
>was there previously still seems to be there now.
>Is this possible ?

In some special cases, you can short cut.  Depends
on exactly what was in use and was changed.  But
the general rule is to use slapcat/slapadd to
rebuild the directory when changing in use schema.

>Should I trust this ?

I wouldn't.


==========================  end of my question

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>From the keyboard of anish,

> hi,
> since openldap does not support dynamic schema changes, what is the
> procedure for adding new attributes to the schema? can I just stop the
> slapd server, add new schema attributes to the schema, update config
> file (if necessary, if including new schema file) and start the server
> again? server uses berkeley db or gdbm as backend.
> Will this work? any thing else I should worry about?

yes and no.