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referal from nds to "normal" ldap-server

Hi ,

i need to authenticate users against a novell-"ldad"-server (because i
can´t export the password out of the nds) and refer them to an
openldap-server which contains the userinformation necessary for e.g.
mail-server etc.

Is the possible to authenticate an user against an novell-server and get
the desired entry without a second authentication out of another, normal
ldap-server ?


LDAP:NDS contains:
dn:cn=smith, ou=wesson, o=security
user: smith
password: RSA-encrypted password

User authenticates to primary server...
an get all attributes out of the second server...

the other server contains:

dn:cn=smith, ou=wesson, o=security
mailaddress: smith.wesson@security.org
mailserver: shooter1.security.org

I hope you could follow me :)