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alias dereferencing versus referrals

Hello everyone,

Has anyone been able to replicate the following behaviour ?

Imagine the following DIT :

dn: c=pt
dn: ou=orgA, c=pt (objectClass referral, extensibleObject/ ref =
	| (DSA_2)
	dn: ou=orgA, c=pt(objectClass:organizationalUnit)
	dn: ou=orgAUnit, ou=orgA, c=pt(objectClass:organizationalUnit)

Imagine further that we're connected to DSA_1, and that we're not following
or handling referrals or continuation references.

The problem is that whenever I set alias dereferencing to FINDING, a search
with base ou=orgAUnit, ou=orgA, c=pt returns NoSuchObject. However, by
setting it to SEARCHING I get a ReferralError, which was my expected result.
The fact that alias dereferencing settings affect the search result WHEN NO
ALIASES ARE INVOLVED seems strange to me.

openldap - windows version from
based on the core 2.0.7

Thank you,