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no write access to parent

Hello, I am getting the following error:

Sep 10 03:59:00 zeus slapd[8946]: conn=80 op=1 ADD
Sep 10 03:59:00 zeus slapd[8946]: conn=80 op=1 RESULT tag=105 err=50 text=no
write access to parent

Here are my acl's:
access to dn="(.*,)?ou=People,dc=birddog,dc=com" attr=userPassword
                by anonymous auth
access to dn="(.*,)?dc=birddog,dc=com"
                by dn="cn=root,dc=birddog,dc=com" write
                by * none
access to dn="(.*,)?ou=tdavis,ou=AddressBooks,dc=birddog,dc=com"
                by dn="uid=td,ou=People,dc=birddog,dc=com" write
                by * none
access to *
                by * read

Do I have to give write access to everything above an object.  Like I want to
give write access to ou=tdavis,ou=AddressBooks,dc=birddog,dc=com by uid=td.  Do
I also have to give him write access to AddressBooks? If so, how do I restrict
him to writing to JUST ou=td,ou=People,dc=birddog,dc=com ?

Thank you,

Terry Davis
Systems Administrator
BirdDog Solutions, Inc.
(402) 829-6059

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