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Re: OpenLDAP 2.0.13 released

Sovan_Shatpathy@satyam-infoway.com wrote:

Please let me bounce in :)

> Hi ,
>        Here we  are using the meta version which we have down loaded from the
> head of the CVS tree . We had a requirement wherein we had to go in for
> selective replication across multiple slaves which were configured in different
> servers and also had individual instances of ldbm database.
> So as things stand now we have achieved our aim of doing selective replication
> across multiple slaves having individual ldbm and also in case of the entry not
> being found in the slave ldapsearch is happening in the root also ie the master.
> Both of the above mentioned requirements was not happening with openldap 2.0.12
> stable version . Now here we have almost through with all testing and are on the
> verge of moving all the set up to a production setup.
> Would like to know if the new stable version of LDAP is going to support our
> requirements and if it is not doing so then can we go ahead with  the meta
> version in a production set up ?

Release 2.0.13 will allow you to use dn-based selective subtree 
replication within ONE SINGLE database, so if this was the only 
requirement driving you towards back-meta, you may try to use 
this new feature.

You need to configure one single database:

	database ldbm
	# use the rightmost part of the naming context as database suffix
	suffix "dc=org"

and set the per-suffix replication in each replica:

	# use subtrees of the base naming context 
	# to enable selective replication
	# note: you may configure each slave to use
	# "dc=ncX,dc=org" as suffix, so you don't
	# need to recreate the common entry "dc=org"
	replica host=host1 suffix="dc=nc1,dc=org" ...
	replica host=host2 suffix="dc=nc2,dc=org" ...
	replica host=hostX suffix="dc=ncX,dc=org" ...

But beware of this bug: 


you'd better wait for 2.0.14


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