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RE: dynamic ACLs

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> From: Kevin J. McCarthy [mailto:kevin@kogz.com]

> These are the types of functions that I need. I get frustrated by the
> status quo being "well, we like what we have since it does what we
> need." This is not my case, but unfortuantely I can't code C.

This is an open source project driven by volunteer effort. The "status quo"
advances from "this is what I have time to contribute." Don't mistake slow
progress for complacency, doing so is an injustice to all the people who
painstakingly write for the project.

> I think making a signal to reload slapd.conf on the fly would be a great
> improvement. Even for something as simple as changing log levels; I
> usually disable logging during normal operations. To debug, I need to
> restart slapd, restart qmail-ldap, restart courier-imap, etc., just to
> enable logging. THen, to diable....

Reloading the entire config file is a very radical operation. The meaning
of such an operation implies to me, "zero out all current knowledge and
over" - which is effectively the same as kill and rerun the executable. The
config state is additive. If you restructured the code so that you
could reload the entire config without destroying/disturbing existing state
information, you would never be able to *delete* config state.

You could certainly add a signal to toggle debugging on or off; changing the
debug level with any finer granularity would be much more difficult.

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