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which objectclass do I use for....

adding/modifying addresses. Currently I have added 2 entries under the
person objectclass but would now like to update these with addresses. I
tried the residentialPerson and noticed it had a required field called 'l'.
Looking into this I found it was for locality. So I created the following
ldif file called entrymods:

dn: cn=Mark Jones, dc=localserver, dc=com
changetype: modify
objectclass: residentialPerson
add: l
l: London

When I enter:

ldapmodify -r -f /tmp/entrymods I get:

ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute

Do I need to exclude the objectclass or is this something else.


Tim Casson-Smith

P.S. Ignore previous messages as you can probably tell I have resolved these