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Re: max users in directory

** replying to a post on openldap-devel **

On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 10:35:24AM -0600, Fernando Medina wrote:

> I was wondering what the maximum amount of users OpenLdap can handle on
> a PIII 750 256MB RAM machine, 30GB HD.  Running on RH 7.1.  Using a
> default configure install routine, what is a realistic number of users I
> can handle, I will not be having very many simutaneous user lookups, at
> most maybe 15 per minute.  The users will each have about 30 attributes,
> about 30 bytes per attribute.  I just need ball park figure, I need to
> give my bosses an idea, or whether we need to buy Novell or i-planet.

Realistically, how many users are you talking about?

If you have fifty thousand users, then spending $50,000 on iPlanet to run 
the directory on this server would be insane. If you have fifty million 
users, then it would be crazy to use this server regardless of which LDAP 
vendor you chose. If you've got enough users that OpenLDAP has to use swap 
space to operate on that server, then maybe you should just spend $150 and 
upgrade the system to a gig of RAM instead of dropping tens or hundred of 
thousands of dollars on more efficient software. Etc.

(If you have enough users that this hardware can't cope as-is, you probably
ought to be looking at at least one more server and replication, too. Which 
means more license fees for the commercial stuff, making OpenLDAP even more 


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