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Re: Eliminating Must attributes

--On Donnerstag, 6. September 2001 22:51 -0700 lin s <lin_lin123@yahoo.com> wrote:

hi all,

I have added some entries using ldapadd.
I require to create a address book which could have
the following attributes in
userid:- lins
Name:- Lin S
mail: lins@ubm.com.edu

In order to get the all the above attribute i used the
pilotperson objectclass since it contains userid and
mail attribute.
But i have a problem.Since i use pilotperson
objectclass which is a subclass of person objectclass
it forces me to have the sn attribute, otherwise it
gives me missing required attribute error.
I understand that cn and sn attributes are a must for
the person objectclass but is there any way i could
eliminated then?.

You shouldn't change standard objectclasses.

If not then can u suggest any objectclass which could
me to have only this three attributes ?

Define your own, e.g. objectClass: ( oid.tbd NAME 'linsPerson' SUP top STRUCTURAL MUST ( uid $ cn $ mail) )

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