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ldapmodify - jpegphoto

Hi all,

 I ran into the problem of adding persons with picturs.
 I tried the following statment and some others but always failed.
 dn: cn=anil, o=myorg
 givenname: givenname1
 sn: surname1
 objectclass: inetorgperson
 telephonenumber: 1-800-0000001
 telephonenumber: 1-999-0000001
 title: title1
 description: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1
 jpegphoto: /root/bload/anil.jpg

 with the anil.jpg in the directory /root/bload/anil.jpg and I called ldapadd.

 ldapsearch shows:
 jpegphoto: /root/bload/anil.jpg

 any clues?

Thanks in advance.