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invalid credentials?

Got a box trying to log in against my ldap server.

I get this in the box's auth.log

Sep  6 09:23:11 spirit login[4158]: pam_ldap: ldap_simple_bind_s Invalid
Sep  6 09:23:11 spirit PAM_unix[4158]: check pass; user unknown
Sep  6 09:23:11 spirit PAM_unix[4158]: authentication failure; LOGIN(uid=0)
-> rharris for login service
Sep  6 09:23:13 spirit login[4158]: FAILED LOGIN (1) on `tty1' FOR
`UNKNOWN', Authentication service cannot retrieve authentication info.

my ldap_pam.conf and nss-ldap.conf I've tried to specify the binddn as well
leaving it commented out.  My slapd.conf has:

# Grant general read access
access to * by * read

# The admin dn has full write access
access to * by dn="cn=manager,dc=raindance,dc=com" write

I've also tried swapping the order.  I've verified the password in my .conf
files against ldapbrowser's password and they're the same.