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root ldap server (was: extend schema problem (Openldap 2.0.11))

--On Donnerstag, 6. September 2001 12:53 +0800 Siok Peng <siokpeng@transparity.com> wrote:

Thanks all. I have successful extend the schema.

Now, I am facing another problem. I want make the first level entries in
my database to be the country list. So,  I have configure my slapd.conf to
use a null suffix (suffix "").
When I try using slapadd to add the country list to my database, I
facing the following problem :

Slapadd: database() not configured to hold dn="c=AF" (line=5)

I don't know that's wrong with my slapd.conf . How come I didn't face
the same problem at Openldap 1.2.9 ? Thanks for anyone who can answer my
question !

Try asking Konstantin Chuguev from DANTE (http://www.dante.net/nameflow/). They maintain a root server for the DIRECT project.

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