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RE: alias dereferencing versus referrals

>Add "index objectClass eq" to your slapd.conf and rebuild your

Done. Problem remains. Don't know how relevant this migth be, but each dsa
is running it's own openldap with it's private database. The line above
appears in both ".conf".

Meanwhile, I found out that with alias deref set to never, if I change the
DIT to 

(DSA_1 - machine_1:389)
dn: c=pt
objectClass : top
objectClass : country
c: pt

dn: o=orgA, c=pt
objectClass: referral
objectClass: extensibleObject
o: orgA
ref: ldap://machine_2:400/o=orgB,c=pt   // change

(DSA_2 - machine_2:400)
dn: o=orgB, c=pt
objectClass : top
objectClass : organization
o : orgB

dn: ou=orgBUnit, o=orgB, c=pt
objectClass: top
objectClass: organizationalUnit
ou: orgBUnit

and do a base_search on "ou=orgBUnit,o=orgA,c=pt" the same thing happens
(NoSuchObject instead of referral).