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RE: LDIF to XML !!

I've played with this, with the intention of writing some open source
stuff, but so far I only have had time to write application specific awk
scripts for doing this. 
I very much like the relationship between ldap and XML, both quite adept
at hierarchical data storage... At the moment, if I get some time, I
wouldn't mind writing something along the lines of a back-XML for
openldap, or a front end that allows xpath type queries on ldap.

Joshua Reich

Traffion Technologies
278 City Rd
Southbank 3025
VIC Australia
Ph: +61 3 9694 1964

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> From: Jaspreet Singh [mailto:Jasingh@quark.stpm.soft.net]
> Sent: Wednesday, 5 September 2001 2:36 PM
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> Subject: LDIF to XML !!
> Hello
> 	Is converting LDIF to XML, for content exchange purposes, a good
> idea? Is it used? If some of you are familiar with this, is there any
> open-source/free library to do this? What are the other 
> possibilities I can
> consider(for LDIF content exchange, other than exporting the 
> LDIF itself)?
> jassi