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How do I determine/change maximum number of concurrent connection s (v. 2.0.7) under NT4/Win2K?

To start, Hi everyone (it's my first post).  And thanks in advance for

I'm using the NT port of OpenLDAP 2.0.7 from FiveSight
(http://www.fivesight.com/downloads/openldap.asp).  I'm noping someone else
on the list uses that build as well...  Also, I'm not on 2.0.11 due to QA
practices in our company -- but if you think that upgrading should resolve
my problems, I'm all ears.

I have a simple Java test client that connects to OpenLDAP, using Netscape's
Directory SDK.  For some reason, the NT build of OpenLDAP hangs after
approximately 60 connections have been opened up (without being closed).
Testing against OpenLDAP on Linux (Redhat 7.1), the same Java client (still
running from my Win2K machine) can make over 1000 connections, after which
it doesn't hang but quits with an error.  Under Linux, it is obvious that
the open descriptor limit is kicking in.  But what's happening under NT?  I
find it difficult to believe that NT limits open descriptors per process to
something as ridiculous as 60.  On the other hand, why does the server hang
rather than reporting an error?

If anyone here has used OpenLDAP on NT or Win2K before, did you ever have
problems such as this?  Any ideas as to possible cause(s) and solutions?

Many thanks.