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snmp and ldap

Hello there,

I hope this question is appropriate for this list...

first the basic question:
is there any schema describing a snmp variable? (like inetorgperson describes 
person, something that could describe snmp variable, you know, it's OID, 
syntax, access, status, description...)

I'm writing my own network monitoring (which has some cool features and is 
php+postgres+ldap based) and this is what I'd like to achieve:
compile a MIB file to a schema or to LDIF  file. I'd like my applicaton to do 
the following: when I click on a device it should get the device's 
enterprises OID via SNMP and then provide me with MIB tree corresponding to 
the device. something like snmpwalk but you know, browsing snmp variables 
from a backbone router holding the whole IP routing table could take several 
hours, whis definitely is not I'd like to achieve.

There are two steps I'd like to take. first to construct a ldif file for each 
MIB I have, so i'll have one ldap entry for each type of device I have.
I could then read enterprises OID from the device and search the LDAP tree 
for variables I can read from the device, choose one or more and snmpget them 
from the device.

the next step would be creating a schema for each mib I have, so i could put 
an ldap object into ldap database for every single device I have. I will 
store different information about different types of devices, so a schema for 
each type of device is a must.

Anybody did such thing? every MIB for every device has an unique OID.

last question is about browsing schemas. I found this on novell.com:
ldapsearch -W  -D "cn=manager,dc=callino,dc=sk" -b "cn=schema" -s base \ 

which should dump the schema into LDIF file, but it does not work with 
openldap. Any ideas?

thanks in advance for any information.

Ing. Peter Hudak
IP Network Administrator
SWAN, s.r.o. (a.k.a. Callino s.r.o.)
Bratislava, Slovakia