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Re: attribute senstive synthax

Fabrice Nouet wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have defined my own schema with attribute and objectclass definitions.
> When I used a script I want to use these attributes without case matching.
> ex:
> I define an attribut "myMail"
> and I want to use it as "mymail"
> It appears to not funtionning.
> When I change "myMail" into "mymail" in my schema definiton it functions
> properly.
> This attribut is definied like this:
> Equality caseIgnoreMatch
> SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
> Is someone knows what is wrong ?

The equality and substring rules refer to the VALUE of the attribute, 
not the NAME. I guess you're doing something weird with the name
of the attribute somewhere in your scripts, because the tools and the 
library that come with OpenLDAP treat attribute names as case
by default.


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