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Re: ACL regexps

At 04:08 AM 2001-09-03, Devdas Bhagat wrote:
>I need to allow nested regexps for ACLs
>The tree is designed as:
>          |--ou=control--o=$rootdn
>                                |--o=$supportdn
>$reseller, $owner and $user need write access to everything below them
>and no access anywhere else ($reseller will have multiple owners, each
>$owner has multiple users). 

>Can someone tell me what the regexps for the acls will look like?

Here is a start... 
# $1 prefix
# $2 user
# $3 domain
# $4 owner
# $5 reseller
access to dn="(.+,)?o=(.+),ou=users,o=(.+),ou=domains,o=(.+),ou=owners,o=(.+),ou=resellers,o=root"
        by dn="(((o=$2,ou=users,)?o=$3,ou=domains,)?o=$4,ou=owners,)?o=$5,ou=resellers,o=root" write
        by dn="o=root,ou=control,o=root" write
        by dn="o=support,ou=control,o=root" read

Once you figure out how this one works (assuming I got it right :-), then
the others should be rather straight forward to derive...

References at http://www.openldap.org/faq/index.cgi?file=423 may be helpful.