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RE: SASL Authentication, DNs and supported SASLMechanisms

At 09:04 AM 2001-09-03, Stéphane Peiry wrote:
>> At 05:27 AM 2001-08-31, Peiry, Stéphane wrote:
>> >Just added your rule to slapd.conf:
>> > access to dn=""
>> > by * read
>> >but then slapd wont start:
>> > ... missing "=" in (or value after) "dn" in to clause
>> Whoops, try dn="^$" instead.  I've patched HEAD to allow dn.base="".
>Small question: what does 'patched HEAD to allow dn.base=""' mean?

It means I added code to the main development branch to allow

>Just tried OpenLDAP 2.0.12 and I thaught it would allow to use an
>ACL like:
>  access to dn.base="" by * read
>but it is not the case.

The change hasn't been integrated into the OpenLDAP 2 release
engineering branch yet.  That will likely be done soon, so the
change should become generally available in the next patch release.