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Re: use slapadd

"Siok Peng" <siokpeng@transparity.com> wrote...
> I am using Openldap-2.0.11. When i try to add an new entry to my
> ldap server using slapadd command,  an error was prompt to me :
>    slapadd: dn="c=SG" (line=5):missing required attribute

[ snip ]

> My ldif file is as below :
> dn: c=SG
> objectclass: top
> objectclass: country
> description: Singapore
> Can anyone tell me that's wrong with my slapd.conf file or ldif file?

have a look at the schema definition/syntax in ~/etc/openldap/schema/,
objectclass "country" (defined in core.schema) requires the attribute "c"..