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Re: use replication with DC directory..

At 09:29 AM 2001-08-30, anish sheth wrote:
>Just wanted to clarify that DC directory is from www.dataconnection.com
>please let me know if it will be possible to use replication

OpenLDAP replication is master pushed (via slurpd).  If your
vendor can do something similar, then maybe yes.

>and/or referral with that.

OpenLDAP can return referrals to any LDAP server.

>anish sheth wrote:
>> hi,
>> I have multiple questions...
>> 1) can I have DC directory as master and openldap server as slave and
>> use replication between two?
>> has anyone tried similar setup?
>> 2) is it possible to use referral between two?
>> Thanks,
>> -anish
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