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Re: solaris pam vs. padl.org pam for ldap

Neither is particularly well documented. The Solaris solution
is a little trickier to setup as you need to install some
custom object classes in the server (not just RFC 2307)
and associate a NIS domain with an LDAP search base. This
could make it trickier to get a machine that is both a NIS
client and an LDAP client to work.

As for stability, etc, well, the PADL code has been
around longer but the Solaris code was written by
a paid team of commercial programmers :-)

-- Luke

>From: Adam Shand <larry@spack.org>
>Subject: solaris pam vs. padl.org pam for ldap
>To: openldap-general@OpenLDAP.org
>Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 16:37:24 -0800 (PST)
>i'm about to install a bunch of solaris 8 boxes to do all authentication
>from ldap via pam.  it looks like solaris 8 has native support for this
>but there seems to be scant documentation about how to actually do this.
>there is also the pam_ldap module from padl.org which seems to provide a
>similar feature.
>does anyone have any opinions as to which is the better solution?  
>better documented, more stable etc?

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