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Supported backends/overlays in 2.5

For 2.5, it would be good to take a look at existing backends and overlays we ship as supported, and see if there are any we want to retire. I think it would be nice as well to make it so people could configure in various contrib modules via configure flags, rather than the current manual make process.

I'll start with my thoughts:


I would like to see us retire slapd-bdb and slapd-hdb. We first documented they were deprecated in March of 2013 and updated the man pages to officially note that in May of 2014. Nearly 2 years have passed since then, and it'll likely be at least another year before 2.5 is production ready. That's some 3 years. In addtion, both slapd-bdb and slapd-hdb depend on BDB versions that are not supported by Oracle, and the source to which Oracle is doing its best to remove and make inaccessible.

Another possibility is back-perl. back-sock is a better solution. OTOH, We have gotten contributions fixing issues in it as recently as April 2015, so there may be folks using it who would like to see it continue.


I'd like to see the passwd/sha2 overlay be considered for promotion. Having the ability to set strong hashes for passwords is crucial in todays world.



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