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List charter

Recent emails imply that a reminder is in order - this email list is for discussion of actual development of OpenLDAP software. Discussion about how OpenLDAP software works or how to use it belongs on the -technical list. If you're not actively engaged in writing code for inclusion in the OpenLDAP repos then you should not be posting questions here.

On a slightly more pointed note - if you post to this list and your message is deemed off-topic or insufficiently researched, you *will* be chided, mocked, and denigrated. There *is* such a thing as a stupid question. If you don't read what's in front of you, if you ignore the list charter, or the text of the welcome message that is sent to every new subscriber, you will be publicly mocked and made unwelcome.

This is entirely intentional and by design. Ask good questions within the bounds of the list charter and you will get good answers. If you're not conscientious enough to pay attention to details then I don't want you here. Demonstrating a basic ability to read is the minimum price of admission.

  -- Howard Chu
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