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Re: ITS#6607 to be fixed in 2.4.24?

> --On Saturday, January 08, 2011 7:32 PM +0100 masarati@aero.polimi.it
> wrote:
>>> With 2.4.23, i ran into the bug in IDS#6607 "Forwarded bind failure
>>> messages cause success", but was able to fix it by applying the minor
>>> diff of back-ldap/chain.c rev 1.77 (as was mentioned in the bug
>>> follow-up).
>>> I've downloaded RE24 as of today & compiled it up. However, the bug is
>>> still there. Is this fix going to make it into 2.4.24 by any chance?
>> That fix was related to ITS#6475, but apparently is beneficial in other
>> issues.  Right now, ITS#6475 is not going to be released with 2.4.24,
>> although I do not have any objection.  In any case, I believe
>> back-ldap/chain.c 1.77 could be released as 2.4.24.
> I've dropped just this part of ITS#6475 into RE24.  I will mark 6607 as
> fixed.

Looks fine, thanks.  Testing...