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Re: random topics

Howard Chu wrote:
> This also brings me to another topic - adopting features from OpenDS...
> They expose a cn=Tasks tree which can be used for submitting tasks via
> LDAP. Currently we expose our runqueue under cn=Monitor but that's only
> read-only. It would be nice to be able to submit/schedule/trigger tasks
> on the fly... In particular, it would be nice to have a defined task for
> triggering a syncrepl refresh.

Yupp. That would be nice. May I propose to use another DN for this backend?

In web2ldap you can configure many templates and other stuff for a given name
space (besides other configuration granularity). E.g. if this would be
"cn=OpenLDAP Tasks" I could ship a better default config in web2ldap's source

See http://www.web2ldap.de/web2ldapcnf_hosts.html#cascaded_config

BTW: Same for cn=config. If it would be "cn=OpenLDAP Config" I could ship with
a better default configuration. By now I only have commented examples. Maybe
in 2.5?

Ciao, Michael.