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Re: Dereference Control (Was: How to implement Extended DNs for Samba4?)

Howard Chu wrote:
Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

this is where I got so far with the specification (and the code :)

That's good progress. You said you'd start this weekend, so you're ahead of schedule. ;)

That's because usually I only spare time in the we :)

which implies a repetition of all the attribute descriptions for each
derefAttrVal.  Comments?

I theink DerefResponse should just be DerefRes ::= SEQUENCE of Attribute

(See RFC4511 for Attribute)

I.e., there doesn't need to be a lot of structure here, and repeating the AttributeDescription is fine. And we can ignore the issue of empty sets by just not returning them if there's no corresponding value. (Same as a search entry response, really.(

OK, allowing for repetitions definitely simplifies things, possibly at the cost of bandwidth, and eliminates the need for empty sets.

I have some question in my mind about whether we should accommodate returning multivalued attrs in the response. I guess there's no reason not to, for the general case.

I'd go general, and simplify later, to avoid having to modify the specs later.

For the Samba use case it obviously won't make a difference.

Agreed. p.

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