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Re: Managing multiple regex matches

Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> wrote:

> > typedef struct AclRegexMatches {        
> >         regmatch_t dn[MAXREMATCHES];
> >         regmatch_t val[MAXREMATCHES];
> You forgot nmatches in each case.

Right, then something like this?

typedef struct AclRegexMatches {        
        int ndn;
        regmatch_t dn[MAXREMATCHES];
        int nval;
        regmatch_t val[MAXREMATCHES]; 

> This would probably be a good opportunity to define a common structure
> to be passed within ACL checking, as the list of arguments to those 
> functions grew enough...

It seems that accross slap_acl_get() and slap_acl_mask(), one could
gather the following fields in a single structure:

        AccessControl *ac,
        Operation *op, Entry *e,
        AttributeDescription *desc, 
        struct berval *val,
        int nmatch, regmatch_t *matches,
        AccessControlState *state,

How would it be called? Should we add more fields, make unions?
> > dynamic ACL. We cannot provide them values from attribute value without
> > changing the API. I suggest we stick with the current API for now and
> > improve that later if needed.
> That would definitely deserve to be kept in sync with the built-in 
> functions, although I understand it would break compatibility.  We could
> define some means of versioning, and allow the old API for backward 
> compatibility, while introducing a new API.  Although, maybe it's not
> worth the effort.

Well, I suggest to first sort out the internal things, then we can work
on external API.

Emmanuel Dreyfus