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Re: RE24 final testing

Brett @Google writes:
>>> Ok, please proceed with testing RE24.
>> I think it will bring forth more bugs yet.  Re-reading ITS#5340, it
>> lists a number of times REP_ENTRY_MUSTRELEASE and other flags are not
>> properly reset.  Combined with overlay, callback and error handling
>> code I have a hard time seeing just what's supposed to happen though.
> Seems to work ok for me first time through, but will let it run a few more
> times.
> Would the issue you describe require memory profiling to detect ?

The discussion (message #8 in the ITS) refers to "some" code which does
this or that incorrectly, so I'm not sure offhand how to provoke a
problem.  Possibly both memory leaks and double frees of entries.  Or
locks that get held too long, so you'll have problems if you pull the
plug on the network during a memory operation.

I suppose we could make a "try everything at once"-test: Stacks a bunch
of overlays on top of each other, including chaining/back-ldap to the
same server, then run some operations which will succeed and some which
will fail at various levels in the overlay stack.  Not me yet, though.