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Re: StartTLS URL extension

Philip Guenther wrote:
On Mon, 6 Oct 2008, Howard Chu wrote:
Michael Ströder wrote:
Philip Guenther wrote:
I agree that ldap_initialize() should behave as it currently does,
setting up the handle but not opening any connections.
So this would need ldap_initialize() to defer calling ldap_start_tls().
I don't think that's what Pierangelo has in mind.
But that might actually be the simplest approach. ldap_initialize() can
parse the URL and set a flag in the LDAP* handle noting that StartTLS
was requested.

In the LDAP handle? You mean in the LDAPURLDesc for that URI? I would expect ldap_initialize(&ld, "ldap://server.example.com/????!,"; "ldap://,ldapi://";);

to automatically negotiate TLS when connecting to server.example.com, but
not when connecting to or the UNIX domain socket.

Right. The actual place to insert this code is in ldap_new_connection(). Working on it now...

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