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Howard Chu wrote:
> Some project ideas that have come out of discussions at this week's
> Ubuntu Developer Summit:
>  * canned slapd.conf / config.ldif with simple tree and Samba3 support
>  * canned config with Heimdal KDC support
>  * canned templates to create LDAP users with POSIX, Samba, and KDC
> attributes fully populated
>    * for web2ldap
>    * plugin for Linux useradd/userdel
> I think the canned configs are pretty small projects - just write a
> config, do some variable substitution on the database suffix etc., and
> it should be ready to use. We can provide these in the contrib tree with
> appropriate READMEs. Any volunteers?

I did a script once which asks just a few questions and then setups a
tree with support for several services (dns, sudo, dhcp, heimdal kdc,
samba, etc) and group based ACLs:


The source is at:

It wouldn't be hard to make it a bit more generic and distribution
agnostic. Would the project be interest in that?