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Re: slapo-nops

Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:

I've written slapo-nops, an overlay that removes idempotent operations
where attribute values are being replaced by the same values.

This is a workaround to broken client that take the whole entry and
change all attributes, even the ones that have not changed. Such
behavior makes logs unreadable, and it badly weight on accesslog
databases. Hence the overlay to filter the garbage out of modification

Is it desirable in servers/slapd/overlays/slapo-nops? In
contrib/slapd-modules? Nowhere?

It sounds somewhat like the addpartial overlay that's also in contrib. I think that one has been unmaintained/obsoleted.

This seems to me to not be a very general-interest item. As such, it may be better in contrib, unless other folks express interest in using it and helping to maintain it.

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