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Re: [Fwd: [x500standard] NP on Password Policy approved]

Kurt has been working pretty closely on this item.

Gavin Henry wrote:
I'm going to look myself, but was wondering if anyone was keeping track of
this versus the OpenLDAP Password policy stuff?

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Subject: [x500standard] NP on Password Policy approved
From:    "Erik Andersen"<era@x500.eu>
Date:    Thu, March 6, 2008 1:48 pm
To:      "Directory list"<x500standard@freelists.org>
Cc:      "Jooran Lee"<jooran@kisi.or.kr>

Hi Folks,

The New Work Item on Password Policy has passed the ballot, although
with some difficulties, but thanks to UK and Japan, we finally got 5
members to agree to participate in the work. It is worth noticing that
China and Korea have agreed to contribute. We certainly welcome
contributions and participation by these countries.

Thanks a lot to the SC6 secretariat for its flexibility in carrying this

The current Working Document and the Summary of Voting may be found on
http://www.x500standard.com/index.php?n=Extension.Ballots#pwd. We will
progress the document at our April meeting (see

Please make your contributions!!

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