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Re: OpenLDAP Roadmap - What do we want to see in 2.5.x?

<quote who="Michael Ströder">
> Gavin Henry wrote:
>> Thought I'd start the thread.
> Gavin, do you really think it's already time for this?

Umm, yeah. There's been an ITS for the very out of date one on our site
for ages now.

It doesn't have to be soley for 2.5.x, 2.4.x as well.

> I'd rather be curious to know what items in doc/devel/todo will be done
> in 2.4.

Re docs, just the empty or "LATER" sections to complete.

> Personally I'd like to see (optional) support for DIT structure
> rules and name forms.

ok, then that's a start. That could be part of the roadmap for 2.4, as
there isn't anything for 2.4.x/2.5.x

> But I'm not a C programmer. I can only help with
> testing.

And docs! ;-)

It would be much appreciated if anyone would pick up a Overlay and/or
backend section. They don't take long.

I'm currently working on the Replication sections.