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Re: thread pools, performance

Howard Chu wrote:
It's pretty amazing to watch the processor status in top and see an entire CPU consumed by interrupt processing. That kind of points to some major walls down the road; while any 1GHz or faster processor today can saturate 100Mbps ethernet, it takes much faster processors to fully utilize 1Gbps ethernet. And unlike bulk data transfer protocols like ftp or http, we won't get any benefit from using jumbo frames in typical LDAP deployments.
This may be a NIC hardware issue.
I get 80k pps using ttcp with two very fast test machines that have Tigon NICs,
which would match your 40k auths/s.
This guy's work suggests that the Intel hardware is much more capable :
And in fact, when I test between two boxes with e1000 nics, but much
slower CPUs than the first boxen, I get 250k pps.