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Re: Move LDAP_DEVEL features into 2.4?

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
I have few enhancements that could go into 2.4 based on consensus.

- BDB_MONITOR_IDX: monitor missing indices in searches.  Let me remember
that this feature allows to monitor (thru cn=Monitor) how many search
candidate selections missed an index, and what index type.  It costs a
mutex lock/unlock for each call to bdb_index_param().

Why the mutex? The count doesn't need to be accurate. I would just let it go unprotected, the real point is zero vs non-zero, the magnitude will be close enough to correct in most cases.

- pcache private database access: add a control and an exop that allow
access to the private database for administrative/monitoring purposes,
and consistent cached query removal (namely: removal of a specific query
and related queryID from participating entries; removal of an entry and
invalidation of all related queries, ...)

I don't see any reason not to. Have you got a spec for the control and exop?

Please comment.


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