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Re: slapo-memberof nested group behavior

Faraz Khan wrote:
Dear all,
i know that nested groups have been discussed in detail before- just wanted to know what the priority of implementing nested groups through slapo-memberof or otherwise is. The functionality already discussed is:

If A memberof B    and    C memberof A   then C memberof B

Functionality required would be that the memberof attribute handles recursion correctly. The administrative importance of this functionality cannot be emphasized more upon.

I am willing to help out with the slapo-memberof module if the functionality can be built into the current overlay only. Pointers on how to accomplish this would be appreciated.

Are you familar with our development practices? If not, see http://www.openldap.org/devel/

Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
OpenLDAP Engineering Team.

E ghenry@OpenLDAP.org

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