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Re: Setting up slapo-pcache with back-config

Ralf Haferkamp wrote:

is slapo-pcache supposed to work with back-config with current HEAD? I was not able to create a working configuration, yet.
As soon as the olcPcacheConfig Entry is added as a child below a back-ldap Database Entry, slapd tries to open the corresponding bdb/hdb Database for the pcache overlay, which of course does not yet exist as it has to be a child object of the olcPcacheConfig Entry.

Any suggestions how this could be fixed?

Ah right, interesting problem. I think we add a check in the PC_MAIN config handler to see if it's a CONFIG_ONLINE_ADD. If so, set a flag in the cm structure. Then pcache_db_open should defer opening the private database if this flag is set.

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