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Re: [Fwd: LDAP/Samba 4 summary]

--On September 28, 2007 10:42:22 AM -0700 Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

Yesterday afternoon at the CIFS Workshop we had a meeting to discuss
Samba 4's use of LDAP going forward, and what obstacles remained. Among
the attendees that I can remember were Andrew Bartlett, Andrew Tridgell,
Simo Sorce, Stefan Metzmacher, and (one more, I've forgotten the name)
from the Samba team. Nicole Jacque and another (sorry, don't remember the
name) from Apple/OpenDirectory, Pete Rowley from FedoraDS, and myself and
Marty Heyman for OpenLDAP and Symas.

The upshot is that both the Samba and the LDAP sides have work to do, but
there are no major roadblocks. LDAP will be Samba 4's default/recommended
data store. As for OpenLDAP, most of what Samba 4 needs is either already
implemented, or in progress.

Schema design tends to still be a stumbling block; in a separate
conversation we discussed some design issues in MIT's new Kerberos schema
as well as missing features in Heimdal's existing Kerberos schema. That's
a bit outside this openldap-devel scope but I've committed to working
with the Samba and Kerberos communities to draft some changes to unify
these two Kerberos schemas.

Does that mean you are joining the IETF Kerberos WG, which currently has creating a Kerberos Schema for LDAP as one of its agenda items? I forget who volunteered to write it, but I can go and look it up if you can't find it in the archives.



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