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Re: persistent search and keepalives

Howard Chu wrote:

> I like this approach a lot better than Modifying an object, because you
> can hit many objects at once with a Search request, and receive all of
> their execution results as attributes of the returned entries.

Wouldn't this be an abuse of the semantics of the search operation?  I
still prefer a modify because:
1) it's clear the client is going to modify something
2) it allows separate access privileges for monitoring and triggers
3) there's no chance of triggering modifications by running that
specific search by chance
4) if one needs to access multiple objects at once, I believe that's
specific to that trigger, so one could figure out some way to hit all
objects at once (e.g. a parameter of the modification might be a URI
that contains all objects to be modified).

My 2c.  p.

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