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Re: rfc45xx in RE23?

Gavin Henry wrote:
> <quote who="Howard Chu">
>> Gavin Henry wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Why don't we have any 45XX rfcs in doc/rfc/ ?
>> Because they didn't exist when RE23 was written, and we don't claim to
>> conform
>> to them in RE23.
> Ah, ok. The obvious answer. Thanks.

Hmm, maybe I don't fully understand the consequences of the "Obsoleted
by" in rfc-index.txt and the goal of the LDAPbis WG. IMHO OpenLDAP
should aim to be compliant to RFC 45xx (result of LDAPbis WG).

As I understood Kurt's LDAPcon presentation there are only the following
differences in the specification:

1. Using LDAPprep
2. SASLprep for textual passwords
3. Simple bind + StartTLS mandantory to implement (instead of SASL

This is from memory and therefore maybe incomplete. So what's the issue
for OpenLDAP 2.3 with being compliant to RFC 45xx?

Ciao, Michael.