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Re: Fast Bind

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

> "Fast Bind" to me refers to an extended operation supported by Active
> Directory.
> http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/Aa367028.aspx
> "Concurrent bind, also known as fast bind, enables an application to
> determine if multiple users have valid IDs and passwords and if their
> accounts are enabled. By using concurrent binding, the application can
> request multiple bind operations by way of a single LDAP connection.
> Unlike a normal LDAP bind, a concurrent bind does not determine a user
> group association or build a security token; it only determines if the
> user has a valid ID and password. This enables the concurrent bind to
> complete in a fraction of the time of a normal bind."

Yes: yet another limitation of AD sold as an exiting feature, but
nothing more than the old simple bind.  So let's keep using the right name.


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