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Re: "Upgrading from 2.3.x" section in Changes Appendix for Admin Guide

Gavin Henry wrote:
Hi All,

I think it's worth adding an upgrading section, as I'm just playing with a
copy of a live 2.3.38 system and an upgrade to LDAP_REL_ENG_2_4 is giving:

olcReplicationInterval: value #0: <olcReplicationInterval> keyword is
obsolete (ignored)
str2entry: invalid value for attributeType objectClass #0 (syntax
=> ldif_enum_tree: failed to read entry for
slaptest: bad configuration file!

Admittedly, no slapcat was done as the bdb env is the same, but thought
I'd do what a normal user would ;-)

Should we list obsolete values from bconfig.c that will apply and
discuss/present the best way to upgrade?

Obsolete values don't matter; like the message said - it was simply ignored.

The problem you ran into here is that 2.3.x had cn=include entries (which were also ignored in 2.3) but support for them was axed in 2.4. So, just delete all the cn=include* files from the config directory.

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