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Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
OpenLDAP Release Engineering 2.4 has been sync'd with HEAD. Please check it out and test that builds and functionality work as expected. I've tested so far on MAC OS X x86.

All tests passed on OpenSUSE 10.2 x86 and x86_64.

Having the same old difficulty with accept() and socklen_t/size_t on HPUX ia64, so apparently the patch for ITS#4629 still needs some work. One problem here is that the HPUX header files are not actually in sync with their libraries. So even if configure detects the size of the argument that the header file prototype used, it may not necessarily match the version of accept() that actually gets linked into the binary. (I.e., daemon.c compiled cleanly with no warnings about type mismatches, but accept fails with EADDR. Recompiling with an explicit size_t argument gets a warning, but the code runs correctly.) This is compiling in LP64 mode...

Also back-perl fails to build on HPUX because perl defines struct magic and MAGIC, and HPUX does as well (in /usr/include/sys/magic.h). For now I've worked around this by adding -D_SYS_MAGIC_INCLUDED to the CPPFLAGS to get it to compile. (Nothing actually needs the defs in <sys/magic.h>, it gets pulled in indirectly by <arpa/nameser.h> for no good reason.)

With those problems aside, test030 fails in back-meta. I haven't got a working gdb here yet so I haven't had a chance to examine the core file.

Seems to build OK on Solaris 10 sparc64. tests are still running at the moment.

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