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Re: Yet another backport to suggest

Benoit Donnette wrote:
Dear Howard,

Let me suggest yet another backport on the 2.3 branch (specifically on
2.3.37) from the Head, this time related to the entryDN attributes
indexing. Once again you are the original author of the commit that was
backported, it seems my contributions relate to backport your most awaited
features - am I a serial backporter ? :-)

I hope it will be interesting enough a feature to be included.

2.3 is feature frozen; we were able to rationalize your previous submission as a bug fix.

I added this for 2.4 only, quite deliberately. If you're seeing features in HEAD/2.4 that you want to use, your best option now is to help us test HEAD and the next 2.4 beta and provide feedback.
-- Howard Chu
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