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Re: Stale and New Docs

Gavin Henry wrote:
Dear All,

My first thing planned is a doc for "Replacing Slurpd" in the Replication
section of the new TOC I posted.

Anyone got a working config for an example, rather than me chopping bits
from the tests.

test045 and test048. They're already small configs, not much to chop further.

Also, anyone got any part-finished docs lying about, but not had time to

Lastly, I'd like to get some translators on board when the guide is more
complete (2.4).

What languages would we like?

I don't see anyone clamoring for any particular languages. I think this may be going about it backwards, I would first ask for people who want to translate docs into a language of their choice. If nobody volunteers, then there isn't sufficient interest or demand to warrant spending any further thought on it.

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